Why attend Plexus?

Invaluable contacts, pure inspiration and gorgeous location

A unique international conference for all young biomedical professionals to exchange professional experiences, form collaborations and get inspired by world-renowned speakers on the beautiful Croatian coast.

We believe networking is a key aspect of career development. Because of this, the main goal of this unique conference is to connect numerous brilliant individuals from the medical field and STEM areas from across the globe.
We want to facilitate the invaluable exchange of experiences among young professionals, promote professional collaborations and inspire attendees with world-renowned speakers such as Nobel laureates.
Also, we want to give you the opportunity to present your work in the form of posters or oral abstracts so that you can connect more easily from peers in your field.
Since we understand how much connecting to peers means for one’s career development, we designed the Plexus program to offer all of this in one place on the gorgeous Croatian coast in late summertime.

Check out our previous conferences

A small team of ambitious Croatian medical students started organizing annual biomedical conferences back in 2017 to promote collaboration and inspire young biomedical professionals across the globe. Altogether, these conferences called "Practical Knowledge for Students" and "Nobel Days" brought together more than 2000 guests from 27 countries and 34 nationalities, including 6 Nobel laureates to Split, Croatia to learn, network and get inspired. The conferences were awarded many prizes and were recognized by numerous institutions, including the European Commission. Most importantly, however, they helped facilitate collaborations between young people from the biomedical field from 4 continents in a unique atmosphere on the gorgeous Croatian coast. Want to experience our conferences for the first time or maybe join us again? Plexus is the ideal opportunity to do so.

Check out the experiences from our previous conferences here.

Past experiences

Interested in attending?

Spaces are limited and interest is high so we strongly encourage everyone to apply early and to follow all the latest announcements regarding registration, keynote speakers, poster presentations, travel tips and other valuable information via our newsletter or our social media channels.

Experience Dalmatia – the heart of Croatia

A conference full of amazingly talented individuals needs an equally fantastic location to create unforgettable moments in an atmosphere like no other. So how about the the gorgeous 1700-year old coastal city of Split in Croatia in late summer? The Roman emperor Diocletian came here to build his beautifully preserved palace and so many centuries after him, his legacy still lives on. Join us at Plexus and walk the emperor’s walk through the historic Roman and medieval streets of Split and don’t forget to visit historic small towns and world-class beaches on at least one of more than 500 islands and islets that Dalmatia has to offer to experience the Mediterranean like never before. Sound good? We sure think it does!

Get inspired by our keynote speakers & program

From inspirational speakers to the Nobel Night, you will be able to listen to the inspiring paths of scientific giants. In our "Work & Life Abroad" sessions you will hear what it’s like to live and work in a foreign county from young professionals.

Our poster session will give you an opportunity to present your work to others and connect with peers. Also, Plexus will have events where you will learn about career and mobility opportunities in the European Union, as well as special networking events, and Gala Dinner to connect to peers at stunning locations in Split. We believe that this unique conference has all the makings to help young professionals expand their network and get inspired while enjoying this unique part of the Mediterranean.

David Rhew, MD

Chief Medical Officer of Microsoft

The future of health tech

Joachim Frank, PhD

Columbia University, New York, NY, US

2017 Nobel laureate in Chemistry

Development of cryo-electron microscopy for the high-resolution structure determination of biomolecules in solution

Robert Lefkowitz, MD

Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, US

2012 Nobel laureate in Chemistry

Studies of G-protein-coupled receptors, which are used by half of all medications today

George P. Smith, PhD

University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, US

2018 Nobel laureate in Chemistry

Phage display of peptides and antibodies

Iskra Reić, DMD, MBA

Executive Vice President at AstraZeneca

Vaccines & Immune Therapies Unit

Soumya Swaminathan, MD, PhD

Chief Scientist of the World Health Organization

Dragan Primorac, MD, PhD

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital

Gordan Lauc, PhD

CEO of Genos

Ivan Đikić, MD, PhD

Professor at Goethe University Frankfurt

Nenad Šestan, MD, PhD

Professor at Yale University

Natko Beck, MD

Social media influencer and radiologist at Children’s Hospital Srebrenjak

Abstract guidelines and registration

Abstract submissions have now closed!

Who can register for this unique event and what is the cost?

Registrations are now closed. We are so excited to welcome 27 countries from 5 continents and more than 30 nationalities to Split this year and our venues have reached full capacity. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Travel assistance

We are doing as much as possible to facilitate your arrival to Split, whether it is from another part of Croatia or another continent. We have partnered with Croatia Airlines, the official travel partner of Plexus, and several hostels and hostels to offer Plexus attendees reduced prices.

Please contact us if you would like to use these advantages so we can send you instructions on how to do so.

If you need any other travel assistance (e.g. letter of invitation for Visa approval, tips on where to book accommodation or anything else), feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

All tips for exploring Split, all emergency contacts, the most important conference venues and other details while you are in Split attending the conference will be provided to all attendees in a PDF form so you can feel like at home.

Conference & Gala Dinner venues

The main part of the conference will be held in a beautifully renovated Art Nouveau-styled concert hall in the heart of Split Split called Hrvatski Dom (Street: Tončićeva ul. 1). This 200-seater venue has the perfect ambiance to enjoy our inspirational lectures and networks with colleagues from around the world. It is conveniently located only a couple of minutes from all the main attractions in the center of Split. Our other locations for the Gala Dinner and networking lunch breaks are still to be decided, but since Split has so many gorgeous locations, we promise you will not be disappointed!
Our Gala Dinner under the starry Croatian sky in the beautiful garden of the historic Meštrović Gallery in Split (Street: Šetalište Ivana Meštrovića 46)! Construction of this gorgeous complex started in the 1920s and was conceived by Ivan Meštrović, one of the most prominent Croatian sculptors and architects. The gallery contains many of the artist’s masterpieces made of marble, bronze, wood and plaster for you to fully enjoy the experience. We promise you will not be disappointed!

Who is organizing Plexus?

Med&X is a non-governmental organisation composed of an award-winning team of relentless and ambitious young physicians and medical students from Croatia, and led by a Harvard scientist.

Alen Juginović, MD

Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA, USA)

President of the Organizing Committee & Head of the Program Team

Paula Vučica

University of Split, School of Medicine (Split, Croatia)

Member of the the Program Team

Valentina Biloš

University of Split, School of Medicine (Split, Croatia)

Head of the Design

Marina Grubić, MD

Head of the PR Team

Nada Rakić

University of Split, School of Medicine (Split, Croatia)

Member of the PR Team

Lucija Skejić

University of Split, School of Medicine (Split, Croatia)

Member of the PR Team

Miro Vuković

University of Split, School of Medicine (Split, Croatia)

Head of the Finance Team

Pjero Bačić

University of Split, School of Medicine (Split, Croatia)

Member of the Finance Team

Our partners

We are incredibly grateful to all our partners and donors for making this conference a reality.